Story Of The Universe

      Universe is always bigger than we imagine in all possible ways. Every human mind tries to catch the ends of the universe. I try to catch it with my imagination. Let’s visit the universe.

       “What is Universe?”

      –  You will find this answer by only typing exact these words in Google.

Solar System
Solar System

Universe is object which consists of many things, as most of the known universe contains galaxies, stars and planets.  I always try to go beyond the universe. As most of the physical things seen which are mostly orbiting something.  If consider in smallest objects like atom in which electrons are orbiting around center of the atom. And we also know that our home, i.e. Earth which also orbiting around Sun. I think about world that our universe also orbiting around something which doesn’t bind with gravity, it contains some other energy using which we are manage to move. Think about solar system and every planet represent a single universe, and each of this universe orbiting around something.

Black Hole middle center galaxy
Black Hole middle of the center galaxy

      Latest discovery about galaxy is that there is big black hole in the center of galaxy. As this is fact if we consider then there must be one large universe that is center of these universe as I describe in above, and all other orbiting around this universe. This universe must have large energy using which this can bind all universes.

This center universe could be converted into big black hole collapse on itself. As it is turn into singularity it emits energy because of which universe could also separating from each other as in single universe galaxies are separating from each other in our current universe. There will be different type of energy possessed between each universe  As I recall each physical matter like universe contain or emits certain energy which used to expand itself , as this energy is gone universe is considerably dead and all matter is merge in dead universe (as black hole)  this process is known as  “Big Crunch”.

balloon universe
balloon universe

      Multidimensional universe is more interesting than just going to see just pattern occurs in our view. As 3D dimension specified, other dimension could be possible. Energy flow in the universe as always it seems too flow outwards which binds all matters in it. As theory to consider as balloon expands after inserting gas in it, that we all know but consider there are dots on balloon then we can see these dots are moving apart from each other. Using this point we can see how our universe is really expanding.

Universe Explosion
Universe Explosion

      I think let’s consider as it is in multidimensional space.   And now consider this all 2D space expand in multidimensional space then we can get real and whole picture of universe expanding this binding energy is like rubber, this rubber like energy must be elastic in nature, when at the end all I think instead of the mass compression it will be spread in groups of galaxies or small black holes.  These separate groups are then attract each other and could build some different universe  , creating black holes from these Concentric groups of different matter is one of the possibility.

As mass of the all universe entirely as same energy transfer is constant, so this universe can act as a planet if we consider. Which have some specific mass? One difference in plant and universe is that universe is expanding. This expansion will be mostly outward until energy expires in the universe .If energy is expires the stretched multidimensional rubber will be tear down into pieces. This all pieces will be free which can mostly accommodate in other universes. This energy will be expanded with massive force. This will be large explosion which will be greater than “big bang“.

Parallel Universe
Parallel Universe

      Parallel universe is another thing about universe, we can also find much data on Google but in simple words it is seeing u into the mirror. Just difference is that whole universe is duplicate. If parallel universe exist then it is only coincident which have less probability. Parallel universe concept is not logical if we consider this concept with pattern which depends on the view of the observer.   As we consider  about parallel universe, patterns are mostly rare if we consider in small samples and patterns are depend on the view of the observer ,it is same as to saw an elephant in cloud . As we consider in universe I don’t think like DNA like human or any life’s present on are going to reflect in time and space. If we attach dimension variable in calculation this rareness is become bigger.

Universe is always interesting subject to discuss . There are many things about universe which are needed to be discovered. I always watch night sky once in week, it is always beautiful. Universe is really big thing and it matter most to humans and all intelligent species in the universe.

                                                                           By Codelord ,  Follow me on Google+.

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Story Of The Universe . . !


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